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Isabel's Bridges
Anita and the Dragons
Tristan Strong Punches a Hole in the Sky
Lexi Magill and the Transportation Tournament 
Percy Jackson and the Olympians
Dragons in a Bag
The Making of an African American
The Girl Who Drank the Moon

Children of Blood and Bone

Amari and the Night Brothers

Sisters of The Neversea

       Moon Burger

       Root Magic

       The Year I Flew Away

General Fiction

Aniya and Friends Writing Practice Book
My Nana and Me
All DIfferent Now
Shady Baby
I am Every Good Thing
Eyes that Kiss in the Corners
The Fortune Tellers
Going Down Home With Daddy

Hair Love

Skin Like Mine

Ambitious Girl

The Proudest Blue

          Fry Bread


Non Fiction

potty book.jpg
Potty Train Your Child by Noon
All Because You Matter
Tiny Stitches
Schomburg The man Who Built a Library
Kamala Harris Rooted in Justice
Ocean Soup
Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Boy
International Cooking For Kids


       What Are Your Words?

For The Right To Learn

        Born on the Water

       Icing on the Cake

Hidden Figures

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